Sunday, August 24, 2014

34: Smoking

Plan : Taking a picture of smoke had been on my agenda. So when I saw the smoke from this incense stick I tried it right away.

Story: I had attempted smoke earlier but in vein. Not very confident that this attempt would be successful I attempt in half mind. My earlier learning were put to use the light have to come from side or behind and the background have to be dark. Made a setup tried a test shot the counters were coming great. So waited for some decent pattern to appear and focused manually on the incense stick. It took a while for this pattern to appear and I clicked. Happy that I had got the click. Processed the jpg out of camera but was not happy. Attempted the raw file in Rawtherapee and some touchup in GIMP made a real difference.

Learning: Raw processing is yielding better result provided we know what we want as a final result.


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