Sunday, June 29, 2014

22: Local Cricket

Plan: To pay a visit to my office friends who plays cricket every sunday. Take some of their clicks in action.

Story: When I reached the ground there were many other people playing in the same ground. Tried few clicks for baller and batsman. Looking at the croud changed few angles and moved to high speed jpg mode so that could catch the action in one of the 7fps.

Monday, June 23, 2014

21: The longest day.

Plan: To shoot the sunset on the longest day ie 22nd June. (Un)Fortunately this June is not raining and I could reach river bank for the sunset.

Story: Tried few click and was waiting for the sunset at 7:10PM sun was quite high. Located a place and made some trial shots. Found that sun vanished in mid air since there is too much moisture in the air. Had to be satisfied with this trial shot taken at 7:10PM

Friday, June 20, 2014

20: Night Lights of Cinepolis

Plan : To take the bridge and adjoining building at night.

Story: Bridge was not lighted up when I landed at the site. So did this building for its lighting instead. Considering the obstruction in front of this building I had to satisfy with this shot only.

Learning : There are times you may need to do the shoot again. Will try the bridge second time.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

19: Seven lanes to haven.

Plan: Rainbow was on list and any day it would appear I would make it my project subject.

Story: It happens at the start of monsoon. Not very usual for the South Gujarat to have monsoon start with mild rains and rainbow. Also it was on the Sunday afternoon.

Learning: No autofocus will capture rainbow only manual focus.

18: Faith

Plan: To take a photo of Pipal tree which is worshiped across India.

Story: Women worship this tree and ties cotton thread as a ritual and prays for the health and long life of their husbands. Went to one such tree near my house at the noon time hoping to get some good clicks of the tree under the shade. Once went there and saw up, found the sun appearing from the leaves. So composed this click.

Learning: Got some details in the shadows done in post processing. Might be overdone a bit.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

17: Busy Kid

Plan: I had an invite to one of my uncle's party where I was asked to click the photos. So I invested in additional flash and triggers since it would be more like wedding photography in a wedding hall. Using the off camera flash I wanted a single light shot with flash on the top.

Story: With no assistant, I was holding flash in one hand and clicking with other. Getting flash above the subject was not possible. Then I found this kid having food and was tied in his small table. I got my flash on his head and clicked with other hand.

Learning: Off camera flash has opened lot of opportunities about indoor photography and now with monsoon coming its going to be gr8 fun indoors.

16: Fence at dusk

Plan: Since monsoon is approaching I was keen to do some outdoor shots before I get confined to indoor shots for 2 months. Planned a trip to this bridge with family for afternoon to see if I can get one keeper from the view of items at the bridge.

Story:  We got delayed and landed there at dusk. Tried few shot at dusk but was sure that light was not enough for me to get a good shot. Then I saw this fence and thought of shooting it in a brighter background. To make it interesting found out one of the bent arrow on its top and took this shot.

Lesson: To learn handling the mask I did the PP in gimp using the mask to blur the BG and sharpen the dark fence. On closer look the edges are not as good as I would have liked but it is my current benchmark using this technique.