Wednesday, April 30, 2014

7: Waterfall

Plan: Since I was visiting Khandvel Garden (Silvasa) on the weekend where there is a river flowing through the garden I had planned to click one photo of the water at 1sec shutter speed using the stand in the afternoon.

Story: Forgot to carry tripod but was sure that I would be able to use some rock or so to keep the camera. In the noon saw this waterfall in the Dadra garden so tried my hand at it. Light was too much and using lower shutter speed was not helping. So used my shades as a filter to click this photo with the camera on a fence pole. Finaly plan to Khandvel got canceled and had to be contended with this click.

water fall
Wind played is role in giving me shaky leaves.

6 Dragon Eye

Plan: As one of my planed click was to click eye of an animal with other part of the face blurred.

Story: It was my casual morning visit to check out birds when I was visiting my relatives. I found myself very close to this Gecko. Clicked one casual shot and found AF not locking on the eyes. Since the Gecko was very happy posing for me, I changed to manual focusing and clicked 2 more by focusing on the eye.


Cropped a bit tight to show that eye.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Flower in grass 5 of 104

Plan: Go to garden pick up a flower and click it in a different background.

Story : Went to a near by garden. Saw that under a three lot of yellow flowers were scattered in the green lawn. Thought of putting a white flower (Champa) in it and clicking it as a point of focus. While I was focussing on the white flower this dragon fly visited the same flower. As they say "Luck favors the prepared mind". I got to click this dragon fly on champa lying in the grass.

Learning: When in clutter focus Manually for best results.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Unscheduled Lake visit 4 of 104

Had to visit Jamnagar on official tour. For evening walk we went to the Lakhota lake there and it came out to be surprise spot where I shot this sunset behind the Palace which is in the middle of the lake.

To include the sun or not was my dilemma finally I included the sun. The pic is a bit noisy since I tried to get some details in the shadow here.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Stump vision. 3 of 104

 Plan: Get behind the stump and click the action of street cricket. Focus on stump and blur the kids in action.


Story: I had major issue since kids these days do not play with stumps. So this plan had to be impromptu executed on a day when kids are out with the stump.

So this was the day. Stumps were out and I was early from the office. Sun was getting down which was nice. Initially thought to click at 200mm but then considering the light took 50F18.

Kids did not have enough players to keep the wicket so my role was to click photo and serve as reserve keeper. First few clicks and I saw this composition in the LCD and was sure it was usable.
Longer Focal length would have helped. May be, but I think it would distort the background to not get these out of focus kids in frame.

Score : 7/10 (White stump colour could have made a difference)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Series of items focus on one : Small DOF 2/104

Plan: Search for a series of items and focus on one of it and other items are blurred. If required use the 50F18 lens.

Things like railings/window grills can be considered.


Was checking out grills and railings but nothing interesting was seen. In the mean time went to rooftop. Bingo earlier had thought of clicking this one but did not since I had no DSLR at that time. There is a battery for inverter and it is having this colourful series on top of it.

Tried with kit lens but light was less and also DOF was not less needed higher aperture. Switched to my 50F18 in manual focus. Clicked 4 of them with different pieces in focus. Finally chose this one.