Friday, August 29, 2014

35: Ganesha

Plan : Every year when there is a Ganpati I take some pics of him so this year is no excuse.

Story : Took the kit lens and composed with raised arm. Added brightness, contrast and sharpness in Fastone viewer. To avoid distractions I used the inner frame.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

34: Smoking

Plan : Taking a picture of smoke had been on my agenda. So when I saw the smoke from this incense stick I tried it right away.

Story: I had attempted smoke earlier but in vein. Not very confident that this attempt would be successful I attempt in half mind. My earlier learning were put to use the light have to come from side or behind and the background have to be dark. Made a setup tried a test shot the counters were coming great. So waited for some decent pattern to appear and focused manually on the incense stick. It took a while for this pattern to appear and I clicked. Happy that I had got the click. Processed the jpg out of camera but was not happy. Attempted the raw file in Rawtherapee and some touchup in GIMP made a real difference.

Learning: Raw processing is yielding better result provided we know what we want as a final result.


Friday, August 22, 2014

33: Painted Stork from Bridge

Plan : Head to bridge and checkout the birds. If I find the painted stork than shoot it.

Story: Painted stork were there but the distance was really long for them to be captured. Tried manual focus and multiple exposure.

Friday, August 15, 2014

32: Early light

Plan: During photowalk I was early at the river front and the clouds in sky were good.

First Light

Story: I wanted something in foreground to give the complete photo a bright look so used fill flash.

31: Friends forever

Plan: Always had plan to join the photowalk organized by our local photog group "Drashtikon" to meet some talented photog's. This time it was at river front very close to my house.

Story: I was not clear on what to shoot as all the photogs were clicking at different things. Found these two kids and they were happy to be photographed by another friend of mine. I also took the opportunity and clicked some pics of them from my POV. I am usually not a good street photographer but the expression that I could get in this one made me quite happy. Also I recently learned the B/W processing which I applied and here comes my first street photo. . .

29: Wilderness

Plan : I was running out of ideas and motivation and rain was dampening my spirit. When I checked the NatGeo's your shot assignment "Wilderness" I got this idea to click the abandoned building which comes on my way to office and submit as assignment.

Story: Went to location and got few clicks since it was raining and windy I shot this with the canon P&S, this shot with colour was not worthy to be uploaded to NatGeo. Thought to make it Black and White and it was also very dull. Than read and saw some tutorial on black and white and made my first B/W. I was quite happy when I saw the final product after 6days of struggling. Alas it was late for the assignment . . . But still uploaded it on NatGeo your shot.

You can check it here . Hence you can find 29 coming after 20 . . .

Monday, August 4, 2014

30: iPhone Rakshabandhan

Plan : While my kids are celebrating Rakshabandhan click the moment.

Story: When I found that during celebration gathering everyone was clicking I got idea of clicking an iphone along with the shot.

Learning: Be open to new ideas while taking shots.