Sunday, May 25, 2014

15: Tower to clouds

Plan: Create an image using my point and shoot SX130IS. Went to Aurangabad and this white monument "Biwi ka Makbara" which is inspired from Taj Mahal. Since the monument is white I was sure that the point and shoot cam will be able to get good exposure at noon.

Story: Found this moment where the cloud could be adjusted on the top of this tower and give a good cover over the tower. After trying few clicks could avoid visitors from frame in this click.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

14: Bedroom

Plan: Since on this tour it was not easy to carry me sony DSLT hence am carrying canon sx130ix so the plan was to create images using this point and shoot. Got into a hotel bedroom which was well ordered. Lighting from the lamps seemed not sufficient for the photography but took up the challenge to click using the point and shoot.

Story: Created this image with a bit long exposure and using timer and keeping camera on the available desk. Applied some shadow recovery in fsviewer and little sharpening.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

13: MoonRise

Plan: To take a moon rising in a clear sky at opportune time.

Story: I was at the Karla Caves the sky was very clear at that height. I was lucky to see moon rising above the hill. Took this shot at the time of sunset. Used the manual focusing and selected best of 4 shot since these were taken handheld. Improved the moon sharpness by preferential sharpening.

Learning: Fortune favors prepared mind.

12: Chakra-View

Plan: Clicking interesting patterns as they come my way is already on my card. This circular pattern is a roof of hut under a dim lighting.

Story: I was not hopeful of getting this shot correctly since LED lights were not enough. Boost the ISO to 800 and centered the circle in frame. Improved this shot a lot by adding brightness and contrast.

Learning: There is always room to improve the shot in PP.

11 Powder puff flower

Plan: To click powder puff flower. Have my focus correct is important since I had earlier missed lot of shot of this flower.

Story: Since I had missed focus in earlier shots. I took to manual focus this time. Used the focus magnification feature available in the A58. Clicked 3 shot handheld. This one is one of the best.

Learning: A dried flower next to my subject flower created a confusion "to keep or not to keep". I was not comfortable removing it in PP hence kept it instead. So keeping it out of frame would be better.

10 X-citement

Plan: We visited the "Imagica" and I planned to take few pics where people were enjoying the rides. This trademark roller coaster shot where the train is entering from top was in my mind.

Story: First I took the ride of the roller coaster. This made me notice few spots where people were most excited. Alas most of those points were very high. Found one spot where this roller coaster dropped suddenly under a bridge. Took the position from where I could shoot this roller coaster taking the dip. Used high shutter speeds and focused on the rail waited for the train to arrive.

Clicked one and it was good to go shot.

Learning: I might have used the "spray and pray" technique here but my confidence was quite high that I could nail this one.

9 Ray of Hope. . .

Plan :  I always found the light ray passing through dusty air interesting. I wanted to plan this shot but do not have a clue on how to make a quick setup. This has to be surprise shot at spot where I found the rays.

 Story :  I got this ray from the tree ar 10AM

Learning :  A subject under the light would have made a big difference.

8 "U 2 Brutus"

Plan: Take the Chess board and make an interesting arrangement by replacing the queen with opposite colour. Take a photo with the queen in focus.

Story:  Was not having very good chess set. Once got a very good set at hand took this photo. Tried both black queen in white set. and while queen in white set.

Learning:  Background could have been better. . .