Friday, November 11, 2016

45: Kitchen Diamonds

This was my first use of reverse ring and must say its quit amazing. Lighted using off camera flash from bottom and sugar crystals kept on glass table.


44 : HDR Sunset

When I saw this afternoon there was bright white cloud overhead and was shining brightly. I thought this will give good opportunity of clicking sunset and went on the roof.
I found no clouds in west and instead there was lot of light reflected from the cloud overhead. This made this click look like HDR with sun in frame


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Headshot Peter Hurley style

Well restarting my journey of project 104 hope to continue for another 40 weeks...

This was my try to get the Peter Hurley look for my son's Headshot. Shot from outside the window while asking my son to look towards window. Post processed to make BG brighter.

Monday, October 13, 2014

43: Moon Aura

Plan: I always wanted to capture the aura of moon along with the passing clouds.

Story: I made lot of attempts with the zoom lens earlier. Then came across an article on use of kit lens. And saw a click of the moon with some building. So tried it with the 50F80. Along with the building and focusing well at the top floor could get this click.

42: Surat Fort

Plan : Click the pic of fort from the opposite bank of river. This is more like a document shot.

Story: Usually for clicking he monument we usually use a wide angle lens but since the face of fort which I wanted to capture was towards river. I had to go to the opposite bank. It is about 1km from the opposite bank. Set up the tripod and took few shots. I thought that evening light would be good but it was very soft.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

41: Autum Clouds after sunset

Plan: Saw these beautiful clouds formations after sunset and wanted to create the feel using the PP.

Story: It would have been better if I went to the beach for such sunset. I had to settle for my roof top. Tried the tutorial and got some of the feel here.

40: Butterfly

Plan : Get a butterfly shot with creamy background.

Story: I had earlier got few butterfly shots and this time I got lot many of butterflies around. So thought it was easy. But AF was useless. Tried with manual focus and got this one where the insect is leveled and the BG is really far.