Friday, August 15, 2014

29: Wilderness

Plan : I was running out of ideas and motivation and rain was dampening my spirit. When I checked the NatGeo's your shot assignment "Wilderness" I got this idea to click the abandoned building which comes on my way to office and submit as assignment.

Story: Went to location and got few clicks since it was raining and windy I shot this with the canon P&S, this shot with colour was not worthy to be uploaded to NatGeo. Thought to make it Black and White and it was also very dull. Than read and saw some tutorial on black and white and made my first B/W. I was quite happy when I saw the final product after 6days of struggling. Alas it was late for the assignment . . . But still uploaded it on NatGeo your shot.

You can check it here . Hence you can find 29 coming after 20 . . .

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