Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunrise in the city - 1 / 104


I will be on tour for first week of April. So the good news is that I will be
starting the project this Saturday. 

Sun being the source of Photon and hence the "God of photography" hence
I will start the project with the rising sun as a prayer and obtain blessings.

Subject is "Sunrise with the city foreground(Silhouette)" 
Things I want in this photo:
1. Good sunrise colours in sky.
2. Foreground City elements which are recognizable.
3. Planing to shoot from near a river/on the bridge.
4. If there is something interesting and close at location will use flash to light it up.
5. If tide/water is there I might get some reflections too.
6. Saw some texture of clouds in sky so might be lucky with some interesting pattern in sky.

Since there will be small time window to shoot sunrise. I will try it first from
the bridge and then move down to bank. This will allow me to make atleast
10 ~12 attempts. 


I score this attempt is 6/10. 
Next attempt I will ensure I select morning with high tide and shoot at  70mm~150mm. 


So here is the first attempt at the project. There are many lessons in the first attempt itself. I am going to love this project. 

I checked the sunrise time it was 6:35AM and reached the bridge at 6:30AM knew that sun will be seen in another 20min time. Surveyed the bridge and was congratulating myself for choosing a bridge where I could move in a way to adjust the sun over the foreground to some extent. 

Lens choice 18~55 since I wanted to take a wide angle with lot of sky.

Then it happened the sun came above one building. Used manual mode with auto ISO and clicked one. Being used to shooting sunset wanted a bit darker so reduced the ISO took second shot which is reasonable. High tide would have given some more water body. 

Zoomed out and tried to take lot of sky in the frame as planned and in 1min sun was getting stronger and higher.  

So Sunrise allows only 2min time frame for any clicks you want. 
So took a backup plan ran down the bridge to try some more but sun got really strong and now keeper from near river.

There is interesting praying hands in the traffic island. I clicked it while returning. Hide the sun in the trees so that the foreground details were visible. Here I also tried with flash but that was limiting the shutter speed to 1/160 while I wanted a faster shuter speed so finally boosted ISO and tried. one with ISO400 was reasonable where I could do some PP to get some thing interesting.

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