Thursday, March 27, 2014

So Ideas are needed. . .

Got a bit nervous  :-[ about falling short of topics to shoot. So did some brainstorming and it was a cyclone of ideas. 

Following is the list of idea as they came. . . Well it has got all type of topics which suits the need. Indoor work for 
weekdays outdoor work for weekends even some of the topics can be done as season changes.
If anyone has something interesting do reply.

1    Window light portrait (one light portrait)
2    Portrait of person looking out from window (window as frame)
3    Water stream
4    Night building/bridge reflection in river/lake
5    Roadside Trafic Signpost 
6    Water lilly/lotus
7    Shining globe (See the future)
8    Seasonal fruit (Mangoes)
9    Two persons face to face silhouette
10    Sun Rise in different seasons
11    Moon  (May be 2 shots in different phase)
12    Special dish preparations (Undhiyu/Biryani . . May be 2 of them)
13    Night city skyline
14    Road at night & Road at day
15    Building at night
16    Insect silhouette
17    Flower Macro
18    Flower collection
19    Garden in three seasons and different time
20    Dinner table laid out
21    Bar (bottles/glass/bartender)
22    Vehicles (Car/truck/bullock cart/camel cart/Auto Rik/Train)
23    Ruins of old building
24    Festival pics (Kite flying/Diwali/15th Aug/26th Jan/Holi)
25    Rain related (drops in water/drops on window/people with umbrella)
26    Children at play (different games)
27    Composition With LCD screen of mobile/TV/TAB.
28    Candle/Fire of gas stove
29    People at work
30    Patterns of nature (weeds/algae/sky)
31    From vacation trip (4 locations atleast)
32    From PhotoWalk with local photog group (participate 4)
33    Motion blur while riding or driving
34    My photography tools (first camera/other tools/setup)
35    silhouette of person in door
36    Self Portrait
37    Water splash/drop splash
38    Musical Instrument
39    HRD
40    Stairs
41    Painting with light
42    Panaroma (at crossroad/skyline)
43    From my Car at night
44    Figures created by Matchsticks/spoon kind of things
45    Boardgame (Chess/Snake&Ladder)
46    Trick using utensils
47    clothing arranged in interesting manner
48    Interesting maze of wires

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