Tuesday, June 10, 2014

16: Fence at dusk

Plan: Since monsoon is approaching I was keen to do some outdoor shots before I get confined to indoor shots for 2 months. Planned a trip to this bridge with family for afternoon to see if I can get one keeper from the view of items at the bridge.

Story:  We got delayed and landed there at dusk. Tried few shot at dusk but was sure that light was not enough for me to get a good shot. Then I saw this fence and thought of shooting it in a brighter background. To make it interesting found out one of the bent arrow on its top and took this shot.

Lesson: To learn handling the mask I did the PP in gimp using the mask to blur the BG and sharpen the dark fence. On closer look the edges are not as good as I would have liked but it is my current benchmark using this technique.

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