Saturday, April 12, 2014

Stump vision. 3 of 104

 Plan: Get behind the stump and click the action of street cricket. Focus on stump and blur the kids in action.


Story: I had major issue since kids these days do not play with stumps. So this plan had to be impromptu executed on a day when kids are out with the stump.

So this was the day. Stumps were out and I was early from the office. Sun was getting down which was nice. Initially thought to click at 200mm but then considering the light took 50F18.

Kids did not have enough players to keep the wicket so my role was to click photo and serve as reserve keeper. First few clicks and I saw this composition in the LCD and was sure it was usable.
Longer Focal length would have helped. May be, but I think it would distort the background to not get these out of focus kids in frame.

Score : 7/10 (White stump colour could have made a difference)

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